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Just when we thought the ‘Neighbors’ cast couldn’t get any better — re: Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, and Chloe Moretz — Selena Gomez went and joined!

Things are seriously heating up in Atlanta, Georgia! On Sept. 2, fans took to Instagram and Twitter to share a ton of snaps from set of Neighbors 2 — and it showed Selena Gomez having a ton of fun on set. The singer and actress also was captured on Snapchat promoting the movie, and we have to say, the 23-year-old looks absolutely stunning.

The sequel is already set to be released in May 2016 and includes many members of the cast from the first film: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, and it will again be directed by NicholasStoller, and written by Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. However, since the guys [SPOILER ALERT] graduated from college in the first film, this one will focus on a new sorority that moves in — and we have a feeling that Selena Gomez will be at the head of the pack. We also know that Chloë Grace Moretz has joined, so we’re basically super excited for those two to become BFFs.

‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’

And while he may be an Abercrombie employee these days, Zac’s character in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (the name according to IMDB), will return to help out his old neighbors. Plus, he was spotted on set on Sept. 1, and yes, he was wearing his Fraternity letters. Dave Franco was also spotted looking better than ever (can we get a Dave-Selena romance on this movie please?!)

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New music from Selena Gomez is almost here — and you won’t have to wait until the release of her album ‘Revival’ to hear it! The singer announced her new single ‘Same Old Love’ on Aug. 5…and we’re already so psyched! But could it be about her on-and-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber?
We still can’t get Selena Gomez’s first summer single “Good For You” out of our heads, and as it continues to climb its way up the charts, the 23-year-old is already making plans for the song’s follow-up! She attended the iHeartMedia Music Summit on Aug. 5, and played media executives her next single, “Same Old Love,” from the upcoming album Revival.

It hasn’t been revealed when the song will be released, but can you believe it’s already been a month and a half since we first heard “Good For You?!” We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this new track comes before the end of the month, giving it that same amount of time to gain traction before Revival hits stores on Oct. 9.

Despite breaking up in 2012, Selena and her ex, Justin Bieber, 21, have been spotted together on multiple occasions, even indulging in some PDA more than once. Somehow, they always seem to come back to each other, so it doesn’t seem too far off that the title “Same Old Love” might have something to do with the back-and-forth relationship, right? We’ll have to wait until the lyrics come out to get a better idea, but it definitely wouldn’t be surprising if the Biebs provided a lot of inspiration for Selena’s new stuff.

Selena has been working so hard on this new music — she even took a trip to Mexico in April with songwriter and producer friends — and she’s made it clear that it’s something she’s proud of. Meanwhile, we’ll be patiently waiting for “Same Old Love” to grace our ears!

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Selena Gomez said she thinks she should have enjoyed her childhood for a couple of more years before making her foray into the entertainment industry. Gomez, who turned 23 this month, kicked off her career as a 7-year-old child in 2002.

“I was 7 when I got my first role,”

she told German magazine TV Movie (via Belfast Telegraph), about the television show “Barney & Friends.” Though it was a children’s show, Gomez remembers she was always in the company of adults and picked up their habits.

“I listened to them a lot and started to talk about things I probably wasn’t old enough for,”

the singer/actress said.

The Texas-born beauty, however, is proud of the way her career has taken shape and it has enabled her to do a lot of things other people at her age can’t. She is particularly proud of paying her mortgage and calls it the “most expensive thing” to which she ever has treated herself. She also loves spending time with her family in Texas when she can just be herself.

The “Good For You” singer is currently busy with her new album. She revealed the name of her album last week on Instagram. Titled “Revival,” the album is inspired by Gomez’ love life.

“I think there’s hints of [my relationship with Justin],”

she said on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” in June. She also considers her album “beautiful” and said the title reflects “the rebirth of Selena.”

Gomez revealed she worked “really hard” for the album and considers it a chance to “feel like an independent artist.” “So I guess that’s just the vision. It’s all about my journey. It’s not about anything specific,” Gomez added. Her recent song, “Good for You,” is the lead single from “Revival.” The album is set for Oct. 9 release.

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“A smiling Gomez, whose actual birthdate was Wednesday, July 22, bared her belly in a leather crop top, teamed with body-hugging leather pants and stiletto boots,”

the report described the outfit of the “Good For You” performer.
It further added,

“She finished the ensemble with a white leopard coat, which she carried in one hand.”

It was learned that Selena Gomez roamed around the city with some female friends who even took Polaroid snaps of themselves as they stopped at certain points.

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Selena  posted a video on Instagram that shows her writing the word “Revival” on a notepad in a studio. The songstress also wrote “10.9,” suggesting that the album will be released on Oct. 9. Her latest single from the album, “Good for You,” can be heard in the backdrop of the video.

Though Gomez has not revealed more details about the album, her voice coach Stevie Mackey said in a previous interview that the latest album will be based on her life experiences and will have mature content. “Selena’s voice sounds amazing, and her album will be much different than the Disney sound she’s done in the past,” Mackey told Hollywood Life. “This album will be more adult, more feminine and more about Selena’s experiences,” he said, adding that Gomez recorded “lot of new songs” for the album and “sounds beautiful.”

Selena talked about working on her album on Google Hangout back in May. She told her fans that she was in Mexico to record the album and is very happy with the outcome. “But just know that it’s the best that I’ve ever done, and you guys won’t be disappointed. I wish I could play it for you now, but I can’t.”